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obzen technical support team delivers best-in-class technical support for our products.

Technical support
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Helping customers across the globe take advantage of technological and economic opportunity
  • eCube CMS
    eCube CMS solution provides a complete range of automated marketing processes starting from targeting,
    planning & design, and execution, leading to monitoring, channel interfaces, and performance analysis.
  • CMS Customer
  • eCube REBM
    eCube R-EBM solution provides a unified set of processes to perform real-time marketing, ranging from
    planning, rules definition, design, and execution to monitoring and results analysis.
  • REBM Customer
  • eCube DataPlanet
    eCube DataPlanet solution provides not only the simple BI functions but also a differentiated
    analysis environment including Enterprise BI, Dynamic Data Discovery, Open Technology,
    and Mobile BI.
  • DP Customer
  • eCube D3F
    eCube D3F solution provides your own working environments for data integration and exploration to various
    data sources (DBMS, Hadoop Cluster, Flat File, etc.) without help from IT personnel.
  • D3F Customer
  • eCube BigPlanet
    eCube BigPlanet's Data Analytics area analyzes not only the existing customer transaction
    information but also the behavior log of various customers, supports the whole process of
    online marketing leading to personalization campaigns.
  • D3F Customer
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